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Draw The Blinds/curtain/shades On | Definition of Draw The ...

Definition of draw the blinds/curtain/shades on. : to end (something that has been continuing for a long time) Let's draw the curtain on this investigation.

What is the meaning of "draw the blinds"? - Question about ...

7 Dec 2019. English (US) English (UK) "Blinds" are window covers. Blinds that are closed, shut, or "drawn" keep light from entering the window. They also prevent people from looking through the window. "Draw" can mean "pull." Most blinds can be closed by pulling a string or cord.

meaning - To raise/lower the blinds or to draw the blinds ...

1. One of the meanings of draw is to pull (think of draft horses), so whichever way you are drawing curtains or blinds, open, closed, left, right, up, down, it is an acceptable usage. If you want to be more specific, you certainly can use a different verb (raise, lower, open, close, etc.) Share. Improve this answer.

Blind Contour Drawing: A Classic Drawing Exercise

Blind contour drawing doesn't necessarily mean that all you're going to try to draw in this "blind drawing" exercise are the contour lines that outline your subject. It's OK from time to time to let your pencil wander away from the contour and into the interior of the drawing, capturing important details along the way.

Blind - definition of blind by The Free Dictionary

Define blind. blind synonyms, blind pronunciation, blind translation, English dictionary definition of blind. adj. blind·er , blind·est 1. a. Sightless. b. Having a ...

Blind | Definition of Blind by Merriam-Webster

b : of or relating to sightless persons. 2 a : unable or unwilling to discern or judge blind to a lover's faults. b : unquestioning blind loyalty. 3 a : having no regard to rational discrimination, guidance, or restriction blind choice. b : lacking a directing or controlling consciousness blind chance.

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BLIND | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

to be flying an aircraft somewhere without being able to see where you are going: He admitted dazzling a police helicopter pilot with a laser beam, leaving the pilot flying blind. to be doing something without having any experience of doing it before or without having important information about what you are doing: