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3. (soccer) a. shot. Ganamos el partido con el remate final.We won the game thanks to the final shot. b. header (with one's head) Campos metió un gol con un remate de cabeza.Campos scored a goal with a header. 4. (tennis) a. smash. El remate sirvió al austriaco para ganar el set y el partido.The Austrian's smash won him the set and the match.

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The meaning of "remate" as a football term. When in Spain recently I watched a lot of English Premiership and Spanish La Liga football matches on Spanish television. The word "remate" was repeatedly used when the ball was around the opposition side's penalty area.

remate | Spanish to English

"Remate" (the noun) means finishing touch (as in bullfights), end; arch.: finial; the decisive shot in football, the last stitch in sewing. These are a few of the meanings, which all point in one sense.

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English translation of 'rematar'. Full verb table transitive verb. 1. (= matar) to finish off. 2. (= terminar) [discurso, actuación] to round off ⧫ conclude. [trabajo] to finish off. [bebida, comida] to finish up ⧫ finish off. remató el concierto cantando su último éxito she rounded off the concert by singing her latest hit.

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to play soccer: jugar fútbol: to play against somebody: jugar contra alguien: kick: patada: shot: remate: kick-off: patada inicial: pass: pase: to pass: pasar: to shoot: patear: to take away the ball: quitar la pelota: to shoot at the goal: tirar a la portería: to score a goal: meter un gol: header: remate de cabeza: to head the ball: cabecear: rebound: rebote: corner: esquina: throw in: saque de banda

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Remate. Meaning: kill shot. En el partido de voleibol, las coreanas jugaron muy bien, ganando a Brasil con una buena serie de remates. (In the volleyball game, the Koreans played very well, beating Brazil with a series of kill shots.) Saque. Meaning: serve, service. En tenis y voleibol, el saque se da para iniciar el juego después de cada punto.

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el cabezazo/el remate de cabeza – header. cabecear – to head the ball. el rebote – a rebound. la pelota dio un rebote en el poste – the ball bounced off the post. un corner/saque de esquina – a corner. un saque de banda – a throw in. un saque de puerta/meta – a goal kick. regatear – to get past, swerve past. el regateo/regate/la ...

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These features mean that the façade is highly elaborate, with a striking composition made up of three horizontal bands. ceics.eu Cada año se rea li z a un remate e n S aladillo donde puede adquirirse la selección de nuestros reproductores, acompañada de la información del Breedplan.



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Pases y paredes create tiki-taka: explaining Spanish football. The wonderful thing about Spanish is that, just like football, it changes wherever you go. You might consider yourself an expert, both in the language and the beautiful game, only to find yourself completely lost during a conversation if you decide to join a group of locals to watch ...