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ONE FC: The Soccer Kick - YouTube

Highlight for the soccer kicks in One FC MMA.

Soccer kick - Wikipedia

A soccer kick, also known as a soccer ball kick or PK in puroresu and shoot fighting, and as tiro de meta in vale tudo, is a reference to a kick that is similar to kicks used in association football. It is the colloquial term for a kick performed against a prone, kneeling, rising or supine opponent by a fighter who is in a standing or semi-standing position, to any part of a downed opponent. The technique is banned under the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts however other rulesets, including t

Insanely VIOLENT Soccer Kicks KNOCKOUTS In MMA... - YouTube

Hey MMA fans, for today's we will be covering the Insanely VIOLENT Soccer Kicks KNOCKOUTS In MMA...! The video includes Konstantin Gluhov Vs Mikhail Gazaev, ...

MMA Athlete Gets Soccer Kick KO'd - YouTube

This video shows an MMA bout in Russia where a man loses the fight due to a soccer kick KO. You cannot perform this strike in modern MMA, although it was per...


TOP 7 SOCCER KICKS IN THE HISTORY OF MMAhttps://www.facebook.com/top7koreanwalkingdeadhttps://www.facebook.com/vladimir.zigorov

Soccer Kicks in MMA | Sherdog Forums | UFC, MMA & Boxing ...

Whats your guys take on soccer kicks to the head in MMA? I think soccer kicks to the head should be legal because any strike is dangerous and can cause serious injury. So if they want to ban soccer...

UFC Rule Changes: Why There Is NOTHING Wrong with Soccer Kicks

The average casual adult soccer player can kick a ball with 1,000 foot-pound force. The average professional soccer player can kick at about 1,200 foot-pound force.

ONE Championship: The Soccer Kick Part II - YouTube

One Championship's Soccer Kicks Part II. They banned soccer kicks in August, hopefully the popularity of this second installment in the series can help chang...