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Tennis Rules and Regulations 2021 | Tennis for Beginners

General Rules and Regulations of Tennis. Most tennis tournaments begin with a coin toss. Flipping a coin determines which player will serve first and which side of the court to serve from. The server will serve the ball and alternate sides on the base line after each point. The server's feet must ...

LTA Tennis Competition Rules And Regulations | LTA

ITF Rules of Tennis The ITF administers and regulates the game through over 200 affiliated National Associations, together with six Regional Associations. The ITF is responsible for the Rules of Tennis, including the technical specifications for courts and equipment, and the running and enforcing of a joint anti-doping programme.

BUCS Tennis Regulations

TEN A team fielding enough players to fulfil the minimum number of players required (three), but not a full team, shall be permitted to play but shall concede the rubbers they are unable to fulfil.

BBC Sport Academy | Tennis | Rules | Basics | The basic rules ...

Players stand on opposite sides of a net and use a stringed racket to hit a ball back and forth to each other. Each player has a maximum of one bounce after it has been hit by their opponent to...

Tennis Rules: Your Full Guide to Playing & Tips for Beginners

Tennis rules and regulations Every game must begin with a 'coin toss' whereby a player calls which side of the coin they expect to land face up. The... Feet must remain behind or on the baseline while serving. Each time a player serves (not including second serves) it must be from the opposite side ...


The International Tennis Federation (ITF) is the governing body of the game of tennis and its duties and responsibilities include protecting the integrity of the game through determination of the Rules of Tennis. To assist the ITF in carrying out this responsibility, the ITF has appointed a Rules of

Rules of table tennis (Laws)— Table Tennis England

This section is correct as of October 5, 2021. The aim of the game is simple; hit the ball over the net onto your opponent’s side. A point is won by you if your opponent is unable to return the ball to your side of the table (e.g. they miss the ball, they hit the ball but it misses your side of the table, or the ball hits the net), or if they hit the ball before it bounces on their side of the table.

Tennis Rules | Essential Guide for Playing Tennis

Understanding the rules helps ensure fair and correct play, which, when shared among players, also helps make tennis more enjoyable. In competitive tennis, knowing the rules can help you settle disagreements and deal with unethical players who attempt to cheat or take advantage of you, so the more thorough your understanding, the better.