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Most Played Published Quizzes. Women's Tennis Grand Slam. I wonder, does winning this many titles ever get old? I mean, once you break 20 Grand Slam titles, do you just get bored? 87,972 PLAYS. Tennis Grand Slam Winners by Decade. For a term often associated with baseball, 'Grand Slam' sure pops up in lots of other sports. 49,959 PLAYS.

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From Quiz: 2008 Sony Ericsson Championships . Question by author JLbread. 6 Name the Russian star who is most noted for starting the domination of the Russian empire in women's tennis, by reaching the semi-finals of the 1997 Wimbledon and being the highest ranked Russian for four years. Answer: Anna Kournikova.

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Sure, you've got all your book knowledge about tennis perfect to a T, but you seem to lack a little experience in the game. Time to get out there and get in the game. Catch the final leg of the WTA tournament at the WTA Finals Singapore, from 23 to 30 October at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

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over 12,000 people have taken this quiz and EVERY SINGLE ONE knew Serena Williams. That's not necessarily true. Whenever a quiz gets updated, its statistics reset. For example, if you took a quiz and got 100% and it gets updated, it will go back down to 0%.

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Which one of them has won more Grand Slam women’s singles titles? Serena, who has won 23, Venus has won 7. 10. What name is given to a 40-40 score during a match? Deuce. 11. During a tennis match, what is the term used to describe a player returning the ball before it has a chance to bounce on the court? Volley. 12.

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C. the number of games to be played in each set. D. serving or receiving. Chair Umpire Test 2. Chair Umpire Test 2. Chair umpire is the final authority on all matters regarding a tennis match. The Chair Umpire quiz below tests your knowledge on the rules and history or tennis. This quiz can also be taken by non-tennis fans as well.

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Who was the first African American woman to win Wimbledon? Who was the winner of the women's singles at the Australian Open in 2016? In January 2015, which tennis player was crowned champion of the Chennai Open for the third time running? Which tennis star won an incredible 20 Wimbledon titles and 13 U.S. Open titles?